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Turkish Poğaça

Butter or margarine - 125 g (room temperature)
Yogurt - 100 ml (about 6 tablespoons)
Oil - 50 ml
Egg - 2 pieces, separate from egg yolk and white to different bowls.
Baking powder - 10 g (2 and a half dessert spoon)
Wheat flour - 1 liter (about 650 g)
Salt - 1 dessert spoon
Cheese - You can use different types of cheeses but low fat cheeses give better results.
Sesame and blackcurrant seeds

Put oil, margarine, yogurt, egg in a large bowl and mix them with your hand until the margarine melts.
Add the salt and slowly add flour until you have a solid dough. You know that the dough is ready,
when the dough no longer sticks to your hand. 

Make mandarin-sized balls. Take the dough ball in the hand and push it down as shown in the photo.
It should be plain and approx half a centimeter thick.

Put about 2 teaspoons cheese into the center.
We used cheese in this recipe but you can also use olive, sausage etc

Hold from sides and combine them on top.

Brush the tops with egg yolk (yellow part of the egg)

Make 'X' shape marks with fork (gently)

Sprinkle sesame seeds and blackcurrants.
Cook them in preheated oven to 180 degrees, till they get golden brown.
Bon Appetit!