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Turkish Fried Feta Rolls (Sigara Börek)

Sigara böreği is often eaten at breakfast and it is easy and quick to make. It does not require baking skills.

That's why it is one of the most popular Turkish pastries..

Sigara Börek's Ingredients

-- For 2-3 people --

2 yufkas (you can buy yufka from stores such as Alanya Market in Helsinki and Tampere.

200 g feta cheese


1 egg (optional)

and around 200 ml oil - to fry the börek

In addition to those you can also add black pepper and red pepper.

How to make Sigara Börek

First take parsley and cut its leaves into small pieces.
Put the feta cheese and parsley leaves into a bowl.
Start mixing them, if you want to use egg in your recipe, you add egg too at this point into the mixture.

Cut the yufka 8 equal parts (each one will look like a pizza slice)

Now start filling yufka slices.

from right and left side close the edges and start rolling them,

After rolling the yufka slices, put their tip points into water so we will not be opened when you fry them.

First heat up the oil in pan and then place the rolls into it.

Fry them evenly so all sides will be cooked well.

Tip: Put a paper on the plate before you take the fried rolls out, so the paper will suck the extra oil in the rolls.