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Quick Buns

With this recipe you can make easy and delicious buns in an hour

Buns Ingredients

  1.  Half liter water
  2. 11 g dry yeast
  3. 11 dl buns flour
  4. 2 tablespoons of flowing honey
  5. 1 teaspoon of salt
  6. 50 ml oil

A deep dough bowl is also needed.

Buns' Making Instructions

  1. Heat the water to 40 degrees (not too hot nor too cold, in hot or cold water yeast does not work)
  2. Add the dry yeast to water
  3. Add salt and honey too
  4. Add the flour slowly and stir at the same time
  5. In the end, add oil
  6. Cover the dough with a cloth and let it rise for 30 minutes
  7. Take dough to a table and knead it for a while
  8. Make the bar of the dough and divide it into pieces
  9. Give them a small ball shape.
  10. Laita sämpylä taikinat uunipelille (ei liian lähellä toisiaan)
  11. Cover them with a cloth again and let them rise for 15 minutes (before you bake them)
  12. Bake them at 225 degrees for 10 minutes.